Singer/ songwriter

One of the most interesting entertainers to emerge from the pool of soulful crooners in recent memory hails from Atlanta, and they call him Isaiah. This debonair Georgian with the silky smooth vocals has chosen as his debut single the voluptuous song “Slow.”

In “Slow,” you will find the crisp tonality juxtaposed with perforated lyrics quite enjoyable to listen and dance to. Just imagine a man and woman clutching so desperately on the dance floor that they become one, moving and grooving to each pulsating beat in sweet harmony. That is the essence of “Slow.”

Isaiah’s musical influences range from Marvin Gaye to Frank Sinatra to Prince. Listening to their interpretations gave structure to Isaiah’s limitless sound.

On the concert stage, he has opened shows for Jay Z T.I., Ne-Yo, Fabolous, and others. He has also produced songs for commercials and modeling agencies.

This single,”Slow,” is only the beginning of a host of soul-stirring tracks flowing from the heart of Isaiah, whom the CEO of BSE, referred to as “a future R&B star.” Keep an eye open for Isaiah and  “Slow” to be performed by Isaiah in upcoming concerts, and it is now available to the public at digital retailers, Amazon and iTunes !