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A.T.M Quote is creating his own path as he increasingly makes his presence known around the country.  Born in Wilmington, North Carolina as Mario Watson, he began his music career in 2009.  Since his start he has never ceased to go fearlessly against the grain.  In just a small amount of time, A.T.M. Quote has managed to grow in music while staying true to himself and his community.  Unfortunately, his journey in the music world was not always exciting and positive.  In 2013, he made the decision to move to Atlanta, Georgia in pursuit of better music opportunities.  It would not be long after taking a step closer to his dreams, that he would tragically lose his wife and child.  With this loss, came a loss of his passion for music causing him to take a hiatus until 2016.  This return to music quickly led to his signing with BSE Recordings.

Growing up in the “B.O.”, or the Bottom Community, on the south side of Wilmington, NC, Quote always had a love for music.  He learned the key elements of music early on.  His sharp ear combined with his distinct voice and flow makes him more than the typical rapper.  He is an artist and musician as well.  He holds steadfast to persistence and triumphs over adversity. “My motivation for making good music is hearing wack music,” he chuckles, “plus my friends, family, and my brothers who have always been there, my Stack Boi Crew”.

A.T.M. Quote has performed in numerous venues as a featured artist for promoters all over the southeastern region.  He has also opened for artists like Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Yo Gotti, Juicy J, A$AP Ferg, Jadakiss, Styles P, Juelz Santana, Lupe Fiasco, and many more in tour, with songs featured in numerous films.  Taking North Carolina by storm, his presence creates an amazing buzz throughout the region and beyond.  A.T.M. Quote has gone from being heavily featured on songs, to the head of his own entertainment company called A.T.M. Stack Boi Entertainment.  His hard work has landed him nominations for the North Carolina Underground Music Awards in the New Artist of the Year category and the Male Rap Artist of the Year Award.  A.T.M. Quote has become a well-known name in the south and south eastern music scene.

When he is not pursuing his dream, A.T.M. Quote always takes the time to give back to his community.  His team at A.T.M. Stack Boi Entertainment started the “A.T.M. Stack Boi Scholarship Basketball Tournament”.  It is held every summer in Wilmington to give back to the community and the future of the world.  Each year, they also donate Christmas gifts to families who may be less fortunate and want to provide their children with a great Christmas.  Most artists wait until they have reached great level of success before thinking about giving to the community, but A.T.M. Quote has always felt the need to give back despite where he is in his career.  “People have to see us grinding and see that we care about where we come from,” said A.T.M Quote.

A.T.M. Quote holds true to an optimistic success formula.  He strives for positive achievement, and rises above the small things to achieve greatness.  He is dedicated to his craft and his journey in music.  This is just the beginning.