Arika Kane

Arika KaneTM

Recording Artist, Songwriter & Producer

While the music world is thirsty for originality, longevity & substance, Arika KaneTM is the consummate quencher for it all. With passionate lyrics, infectious harmonies & soothing instrumentation, “Nostalgic ear-candy” are words a buzz about Miss Kane. Arika’s luminous appeal is undeniable, and her music, rooted from rhythm & blues has a universal, and commercial sound that speaks to the masses.

From her #1 U.S. Hit “ Here With Me “ off of her self-entitled Album that charted on the top of the Billboard Sales & Airplay Charts along with four separate Singles, to her 20 plus song placements on various VH1 and MTV Shows like Single Ladies, Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives including two major theme songs on the VH1 Reality TV series of Hollywood Exes’ and Atlanta Exes’ and now on her Album “Thru The Veil” that charted the #1 best selling R&B Album in the U.S. and the #3 Pop Album, Arika Kane is a force to be reckoned with. Kane’s worldwide fan base embraces her completely and has been her foundation, as she says on social media, they are her “rock she stands on.” Arika has headlined in various NYC and CT venues and also toured in the Southern U.S. States with Babyface, Charlie Wilson, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Faith Evans, etc.

On her album “Thru The Veil”, BSE Recordings and Kane wrote and produced a timeless song “It’s There” performed and recorded by herself and along with the legendary Brian McKnight that reached the Top 5 of best selling R&B and U.S. Pop Songs for 8 weeks along with reaching Billboard’s Single sales chart at #8. Kane’s creative chops along with her business experience and savvy charisma was always the perfect potion for greatness, oh and not to mention her ability to soothe you with her voice and her calming soulful vibe. “Can’t Get Enough” a single off “Thru the Veil” is as chic and unique as Arika is herself, and that’s probably why it was the #1 Best selling R&B  song  in the U.S. on Amazon for 8 weeks straight and currently remained in the top 5 for 22 weeks straight.

In October of 2016 Kane released a sensational Dance/EDM Remix Album of a handful of songs from her previous albums. The Remix Album set the clubs on fire worldwide and the album charted in Billboard on the Heatseekers chart along with Billboard’s Top 25 Dance albums. It also reached the #1 U.S. best selling dance Album for several weeks.

Arika Kane stands tall in all her artist glory. From the beginning of her career Arika has held tight to her beliefs through obstacles of all kinds. She and her music inspire so many and that’s what sets her high above the rest. Arika is a true example of Substance.

“A perfect music industry should operate through the fans, through the music and through the art.  I take pride in creating music from the soul, and I plan to always do so. We have to inspire our youth that the power of creation lies within us too. We don’t have to give up everything we believe in to earn a living.. Our future is who we become and how we change it for the better “ – Arika Kane

Kane just released her latest song “Love Makes A Woman” a remake of the classic Barbara Ackiln from 1968. Kane’s version of this is catching ears and airwaves worldwide as it embodies a happy and soulful uptempo sound. It has already reached #6 on the U.S. Amazon sales charts. It is available worldwide on all digital platforms.