Arika Kane



Arika Kane started developing her songwriting and production skills before signing with BSE Recordings. She found much difficulty working with others and ran into so many obstacles of producers. writers industry folks with agendas so she took it upon herself to tap into

her creative abilities that she didn’t know she had. She recorded, wrote and produced herself for over a year before signing with BSE Recordings.

She was proud to be a writer and producer on all her music moving forward, and continued to excel in her talent in both areas. Her songs have appeared in the Billboard charts consistently and have been featured on multiple VH1, MTV and BET television shows along with being in 2 major TV theme songs.

Arika Kane has written for and produced Brian McKnight. On her collaboration with him on “It’s There”, Kane wrote all the lyrics, his vocal arrangement along with producing it. “It’s There” reached #8 on the Billboard Sales Charts and reached #1 in R&B U.S. Best sellers for multiple weeks.

Arika continues her creative talents with various artists along with those that sign to BSE Recordings including Omar Wilson.