Bruce W. Jackson

bruce-23Veteran marketing executive Bruce Wayne Jackson is an innovative business professional with more than 30 years of marketing and sales experience under his belt, Bruce will work to develop new markets for Blast-FM LTD, while continuing to expand and build their customer brand. Throughout his diverse and celebrated career, Jackson has served in a variety of executive sales positions, working with everyone from BET TV to Clear Channel Radio. Bruce is the founder of Jackson Media Associates, an online Multi-Platform Digital Marketing Company which promotes Recording Artists, Actors, Models, Sports Figures, and Book Authors. He has also served as Executive Senior Vice President of Marketing for 98.2 THE BEAT L.A., an Urban Adult Contemporary Radio Station located in Los Angeles, and has worked as Producer for “The Midnight Gourmet,” a popular cooking show which aired on BET TV and featured Gourmet Chef Nick Tolbert. During a career spanning more than three decades, Bruce has established himself a multi-talented business professional. He has sold on-air radio advertisements, marketed various music events, and worked on the marketing team for the on-air morning talk show, “Wake Up With Whoopi Goldberg,” for Clear Channel Radio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jackson is well known throughout the industry for both his marketing expertise, and “deep sultry voice,” which he has lent to various commercials over the years. Bruce Wayne Jackson has brought his considerable talents to Blast-FM LTD as both their official Global Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and co-owner of Blast-FM LTD who specializes in a Social Media platform called, which is a web-based, premium Internet radio service, caters to music industry recording artists and their fans who are looking to interact with the artists and their music. Combining Social Media and licensed radio service allows to deliver a level of excellence that is unprecedented in the music streaming space. Bruce has more than 320 record labels he’s connected with on Social Media, and is sought after by Recording Artist who are looking to get their music in front of Industry professionals in the music business. He is a Social Media Expert, and is followed by 800 Verified recording artist and corporations on Twitter. He works daily with artists and labels for promotions and radio airplay. Bruce holds a degree from National College and is a licensed Respiratory Practitioner, He writes a medical blog to give medical professionals knowledge of changes in the profession.

Bruce W. Jackson, C.S.M.O.
Global Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Co-owner of The BlastFi Radio Network
Co-owner of Musflix Corporation
CEO / Jackson Media Associates
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