With the plethora of carefully crafted and synthesized artistry in today’s R&B, it’s not only refreshing but also heartening to hear a genuinely talented triple-threat, straight R&B crooner who can get down like KMELZ. The rest of the country is feeling his vibe too as KMELZ, born Carey Mellers, is already among the “top five indie artists in the country” with his debut single release on BSE Recordings called “Let Me Getcha Number.”

How did the country get his number? Where did this 360 artist come from?

Born into an artistic family who was always very into music, KMELZ, originally interested in drawing and art and rock music, laid his musical foundation by teaching himself to play guitar, keyboard, bass and drums to become a musician in
his uncle’s band. “Being around and performing with veteran artists made me a better, well-rounded artist, producer, writer and vocal arranger,” explains the self- taught artist who credits learning from people “who have done it” as one of his sources of inspiration.

KMELZ with his repertoire complete, as a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and performer, it was no surprise when Stratford, Connecticut- based BSE Recordings decided to sign him. The acquisition was a no- brainer for Lou Humphrey, founder/CEO of Big Score Entertainment, LLC (BSE), whose mandate is to fill the void in the industry today with real music with today’s edge. He describes KMELZ as “like a Brian McKnight with a Tyrese edge.”

Explains KMELZ, who is doing “some real personal writing”, “I tried to make the music so that even if a person doesn’t listen to R&B/Soul music, they will still love my music.

Nobody is talking about love anymore, like the way Teddy Pendergrass, Barry White, Luther Vandross and them did. There is a void out there in music today and I want to fill it. I want to continue on their legacy of timeless music. I am not following trends.”

You can now purchase the brand new single by Kmelz ” If I Can’t have you” just released on BSE Recordings and Available Now on Amazon & iTunes .