Lou Humphrey


Louis Humphrey is the CEO of Big Score Entertainment LLC and BSE Recordings, an Independent record label based out of Connecticut. Humphrey is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He grew up knowing and loving music. He forged his way into the industry as a musician and songwriter. He contributed to many hits that were released in the 80’s and 90’s along with songs placed on movie soundtracks.

Louis was empowered by his father to face all situations head on and that is just what he did. When the opportunity knocked, Louis answered by writing one of the biggest hits of 1990 entitled, “Do Me Again” by Freddie Jackson. And it was that song that won Lou his 1st ASCAP award.

Along with success, Louis also faced many challenges in the dealings of the corruption within the eye of the music business. He experienced the good and the bad. He persevered and continued in the industry writing for artists such as Lilo Thomas, Paul Laurence Jones, James Ingram, and SWV just to name a few.

Taking a break from music to re evalute his future, Louis decided he wanted to take his experiences and all the knowledge he gained and pass it on to other artists. That’s when BSE Recordings was formed which has put Louis right back in the game, but this time in a partnership and ownership of his own label.