Edwin Ramos Jr.

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Edwin Ramos, Jr. began the ascent into his present day career, at an early age. Long before the accolades begin to pour in from clients, such as Mary J. Blige, Dr Dre, Angie Stone, Dave Hollister, KCi & JoJo and Sonique. He was first encouraged by his parents, recognizing his budding musical genius, at the age of three. After displaying a natural affinity to music around three or four, “I received my first formal instruction, at the age of nine, learning trumpet for my grade school band”. Edwin further established his love for music by joining and excelling in his high school’s band as first chair and lead trumpet soloist, under the direction of John Pearson.

Edwin didnt just excel locally, but became one of Connecticut’s premier music students. These opportunities led to several recording studio visits. Particularly, he became a frequent visitor of Connecticut Recording founded by the legendary producer, Paul Leka, writer/producer of such international chart-topping hits as “Cats in the Cradle” for Harry Chapin and “Na na na na kiss him goodbye” for Steam and REO Speedwagon. “As I watched Paul work, I discovered that I had interests in producing and engineering my own music, realizing that it was that skill that allowed the greatest control, creatively over my own music. But, he also knew that becoming a writer/producer/engineer required a serious commitment to learning the studio equipment. Not wanting to be limited creatively, Edwin knew that his musical background would enable him to learn not just the function of the equipment, but it’s proper application.

Throughout high school, he spent as much time as possible, in the studio with Paul. Edwin, began to teach himself piano, understanding the basic theory from his years of trumpet instruction. Finally, in 1994, Edwin made the decision to work full-time in the music industry, establishing ER Music Entertainment and Capricorn One Sound Studios. One of his first projects was to compose and arrange an original score for a short film titled “Vengeance is Mine”, directed by Emmy award winning director Frank Borres. The film was received well at the film festival in Cannes and won a Telly Award for best short film in the short film category. Edwin’s first record industry project began with a group named 4 Kast, signed to RCA. Edwin was hired by Harv Pierre (now director of A&R at BadBoy Entertainment). Edwin was initially hired to program and engineer the song titled “I tried”. Soon thereafter work started to pour in from nearly every major label, not just to engineer the projects but to produce them as well. Edwin has had the good fortune of sitting at the console with such names as Kedar Massenburg (President of Motown Records) as he worked with his artist Grenique. Clive Davis and Peter Edge (President and Vise of J Records…frequent session surprise visitors) working with their artist Angie Stone. Jay Boberg (President of MCA Records) as he worked with Mary J Blige on “Your Child” and her most recent Grammy winning vocal performance “He think I don’t know”,where he was hired to produce vocals, record, edit vocal composites and mix the record, his biggest accomplishment to date! Edwin is now recognized in the industry not just as an engineer, but as a writer and producer. “Sometimes it seemed impossible for me to make it in this industry…I took the “back door” approach, and got in”. As a writer and publisher, Edwin is currently focused on building his catalog of over 130 songs.

“As I look back now, over my musical journey, I can see that my success, today, is a by-product of my having, first, the skills of a musician. Secondly, the knowledge of what it really takes to become a good producer, coupled with the technique and craft of a good sound engineer. It’s that combination that has allowed me to understand that although I’ve been awarded RIAA certified gold, platinum and Grammy credentials on over 20 million worldwide record sales, I believe that I’m truly just beginning to recognize my potential as a writer/producer/engineer”. Humility aside, Edwin Ramos, Jr., is forging ahead in this new musically competitive age. You’ll be able to view his stellar accomplishments on his official myspace page at myspace.com/edwinramos.

Writer/Producer/Engineer credits

Edwin has been a Producer/Engineer for over 15 years . His credits include a 2003 Grammy credit for His credits are included in 2 Grammy nominations for R+B Album of the year, 3 motion picture soundtracks, 2 #1 Billboard Albums, Gold, Multi-Platinum and a Grammy Award Winning song “He Think I Don’t Know” for R+B Superstar Mary J. Blige and on more than 20 million record sales worldwide. Edwin has also had great reviews of the music he has written and produced featured in Billboard Magazine as well as spotlight interviews with other national publications. Edwin is a voting member of NARAS (Grammys) New York chapter and is currently building his music publishing cataolg of more than 100 songs.

Edwin has Produced and Engineered projects at such facilities as:

Hit Factory NYC,Hit Factory Miami,Chung King House of Metal NYC,Sony Studios NYC,Extreme Studios Miami,Village Recorders LA, Larrabee Sound LA, Oceanway LA, Battery Studios NYC, Battery Studios London, Sound On Sound NYC, Soundtracs NYC, The Palace LI, Platinum Island NYC, Capricorn One Sound Studios CT, Carriage House CT, Horizon Recording Studios CT, Studio East Recording CT.

Mary J. Blige, Angie Stone, Sonique, Ann Nesby, Bobby Brown, Sharissa, 4 Kast, Gerald Levert, Kci Hailey, R Kelly, TKA, K7, Joey Kidd, George Lamond, Nyasia, Safire, Chrissy Ieece, Cindy Lara, Malik Yoba, Tito Puente Jr., Gioia Bruno, Dave Hollister, Luis Damon, Cuban Link, ToshaMakia, Fortunate, Xavi, Tombale, Tri-ni-tee 5:7,Kirk Franklin, Parle, Calvin Richardson, Chico Debarge, Grenique, Kim Summerson, Ed Pierce, Jonathan DuBose, Dave Hollister and Terry Dexter

Credits range from Tracking Engineer to Mix Engineer,Production,Writing,Musical Performer/Programmer and Arranger. for a detailed work description of this partial discography please feel free to contact Edwin.

Ali (Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Gold) 2001 Song: “20 dollars” artist: Angie Stone
His Woman his wife (Soundtrack) songs: “Mistakes” “The old fashioned way” Artist: Malik Yoba and Dave Hollister

Vengeance is mine (Original Score)
Written and Performed by Edwin
Winner of 2 Telly Awards

MCA , J Records, Universal, Interscope, Sony, EMI, RCA, Farm Club, Republic Records, Motown, Dreamworks, Aftermath, Ruff Ryders, M.O.B Records, Def Jam, Tommy Boy, Sonolux, Gospo Centric, Gold Mind, Gospo Centric

Contact info:
Edwin Ramos, Jr.
Email: Makinrekkids@yahoo.com

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